Magnus Ottosson

Web Super Hero
+46 (0)733-908060


A dude that loves everything about web development! Has awesome skills in snapping up new technologies, creating mashups using public apis. Is currently working on his weather service totally based on public apis and powered by Google App Engine.

Technical Skills

Xhtml / CSS

Long experience in cross-browser xhtml/css compliant websites. Experience in front-end optimization to deliver fast and responsiec websites.
Expert, 10+ years

Javascript / Frameworks

Long experience in javascript and various frameworks like JQuery and MooTools.
Expert, 4 years

C# / .NET

Experience mostly with developing web applications, both front- and back-end. Experienced working with OR/M like Linq to SQL, NHibernate, Lightspeed etc.
Expert, 4 years


Familiar working with MS-SQL and MySQL.
Experiensed, 4 years


Great experience in working with and setting up subversion environments.
Experiensed, 4 years

Google Maps API

Great experience with integrating Google Maps in web applications.
Expert, 2 years


Experience in working with agile development models like Scrum.
Experiensed, 2 years


Quickly learning python while developing web applications for Google App Engine
Beginner, 6 months


Know my way around php, xml, xslt, uml, java, windows, linux...



Web Developer - Specializing in Google Maps, Social Services integration and front-end optimization and engineering.
2009/08 - Present

Wyatt Media Group / LunarStorm

Mobile Lead Developer - Specialized in web development for mobile devices.
2008/08 - 2009/08

Wyatt Media Group / LunarStorm

Web Developer - Developing a high performance website with millions of page views each week.
2007/01 - 2008/08


IT-University of Göteborg

Master, Mobile Services (Aborted after receiving a job offer)
2006 - 2006

IT-University of Göteborg

Bachelor , Software Engineering and Management
2003 - 2006

Recommen- dations

Software Developer at LunarStorm

“While we worked together, Magnus came across as a competent, goal-oriented and outwards going developer. Combining technical expertise and social skills, Magnus is sure to be an excellent addition to a team, in any position.” - October 27, 2008 - Petter Bergström, Developer, LunarStorm

“Magnus is a solution-oriented developer focusing on writing good and reusable software with high performance. He helped me many times and gave me new structural ideas when developing new system designs.” - October 3, 2007 - Martin Lannsjö, Software Engineer, LunarStorm

IT-University of Göteborg

“Magnus is a person that got the projects in the right direction. He has high standards when it comes to the outcome of projects, and recognized the importance of deadlines.” - October 16, 2008 - Max Gabrielsson, Student, Chalmers

“Magnus has the ability to learn new technologies fast and apply them to current problems. Social person, a good member of your project team.” - November 5, 2008 - Erik Olsson, Student, Göteborgs universitet

“Magnus is a positive and creative person. He is a valuable asset in any project and always find simple solutions to difficult problems. He is never just a participant but always a driving force.” - October 30, 2008 - Fredrik Svensson, Student, Göteborgs universitet